Mining box
You can hire 1 miner per mine, he or she will gain XP (eXperience Points) for each block they mine and level up when they reach 1000 XP points, the higher the level the faster they mine. The highest level is 10, at that level they will mine 5 blocks per second. Right-Clicking any of the folks will tell you their Mining Level and how much XP they currently have. When you employ a miner, a number appears after their name, this is their mining level.

You’ll need to craft a Mining box and 3 Sim-U-Markers, if you do not already have them. (See Sim-U-Markers page )   Note: A setting in the config file called "UseExpensiveRecipes" is false by default, if you change it to true, you will need a diamond pickaxe for this recipe instead of a stone one.

Mining Box recipe
Start by placing the 3 markers on the surface of the area you want to mine. Remember to place the primary (front-left) marker first, then front-right, and finally back-left. They must all be lined up and at the same level with each other. Use the yellow beams that fire out from each marker to align each marker correctly. Now go back to the primary marker and face the area you just marked. Place the Mining box directly in front of the primary marker. Next, right-click the Mining box and hire a miner. Within 5 blocks place at least one single chest or lots of double chests. This is where the materials will be dropped. Once this is done, you can remove the markers for re-use elsewhere.

When you right-click on the Mining box, you’ll also see a three-way toggle button that works like this:

All blocks – Will keep every block that is mined

Discard dirt blocks – Grass and dirt will be discarded

Discard dirt and cobblestone – If you have lots of cobblestone already, choose this option to just keep the good stuff (diamonds, coal, iron, redstone etc) and discard everything else.

As the mine gets below about 3 meters, the Miner will automatically place a glass cover over it to stop folks from falling down the mine, but you can turn off this feature by right-clicking the mining box and toggling that option off to leave the mine open. Also, the Miner will not be able to jump down to the mine bottom if it has a glass cover or too deep,

So a “Sim-U-Matter transporter beam" will beam him or her to down the mine and back up again at the end of their shift (when it gets dark). The Miner will mine right down until they reach bedrock at which point they retire. Also, if they reach water or lava they may die, but they will try to put out the lava with water, but sometimes may not be quick enough, so that may also be a good time to close the mine. Or you can go in and block the water or lava source. As it’s covered over with glass you can go ahead and build over the top of it too! They only work during the day. The Miner is paid as they work, based on the amount of blocks they’ve mined. Keep an eye on your credits when employing a Level 10 miner, they will quickly reduce it!