A lot of the buildings your Builders will be constructing contain lots of wood, so you’ll need a good supply of wood. Let the Sim-U-Folks take care of that for you! Just hire a builder to build a Lumbermill. (You can find it under the ‘Industrial’ selection of buildings in the Constructor)

The control panel is located inside. Here you’ll be able to hire and fire Lumberjacks. Once employed, they’ll cut down all the trees in a 30 meter radius of the Lumbermill. You can plant saplings so you have an endless supply, but you can also start de-foresting other areas from the same lumber mill using a marker post. Simply go to the center of the forest you want them to cut down and place a single Sim-U-Marker. Now go back to the Lumbermill and you’ll see an extra button appear on the control panel screen labeled “Lumber area” (bottom-right). If you don’t see it, remove the marker and place it again.

Clicking this button sets the new center for this lumber mill. The new 30 meter radius will be cleared and then you’ll need to set a new marker post and so on until you’ve killed all the trees! The harvested wood will be placed into one of the two chests inside the lumber mill. As with the other jobs, if the location of the work is over 50 meters away, the Lumberjack will be “beamed” out to the location and back when they’re done. Note: the lumberjack radius for both the lumbermill and markers , can be changed in the Sim-U-Kraft Config File.