Farmer harvesting
To hire a farmer, you’ll need to craft a Farming box and 3 Sim-U-Markers. (See Sim-U-Markers )  

A setting in the config file called "UseExpensiveRecipes" is false by default, if you change it to true, you will need a diamond hoe for this recipe instead of a stone one.

Farming Box Recipe
Start by placing the 3 markers on the surface of the area you want to farm. Remember to place the primary (front-left) marker first, then front-right, and finally back-left. They must all be lined up and at the same level with each other. Now go back to the primary marker and face the area you just marked. Place the Farming box directly in front of the primary marker.

Next, right-click the Farming box and hire a farmer. To the left or right of the Farming box, place a chest; this is where the harvested food will be dropped. If it gets full, the farmer will stop work. Once this is done, you can remove the markers for re-use elsewhere.

Sim-U-Kraft Tutorial 5 - Farmers and Farming

Sim-U-Kraft Tutorial 5 - Farmers and Farming

Only one farmer per farm is allowed, and they only work during the day. They will hang around the farm during their shift to harvest, hoe the ground, and sew new seeds. They’ll get paid as they work based on how much work they have done. So, if you have very large farm, watch your bank balance! The harvested food will stay in the chest. You will then need to build a Bakery and hire a Baker

Additionally, Farms can be upgraded. To upgrade a farm, it has to be at least six squares by six squares. The first farm upgrade surrounds your farm with fence and places lights in the ground. the second farm upgrade places some water source blocks inside your farm.

There are six types of farms: Wheat, Melon, Carrot, Potato, Pumpkin and Custom. The use for the Wheat farm is described in the next section: Bakers And Bakery . The use for the Carrot, Potato, Melon and Pumpkin farms are described just after in the Grocer and Grocery Store section.

Custom farms, are what the name implies. Custom. This is mainly for use with other mods that add new foods to grow. All you have to do is simply place the seeds for whatever you want the farm to be, in the adjacent chest, and the farmer will plant and harvest them as normal. Any food that is grown in custom farms, will be picked up by the grocers, and sold at any grocery stores in your world. Note: they will plant saplings this way, but will be unable to harvest the trees. WARNING: the farmer will try to plant anything you place in the chest, including blocks such as cobblestone, etc, so make sure you only place seeds in the chest.