If the FAQ below doesn't help, please post any support questions to the Minecraft forum page, not here, as they probably won't get answered.Also, please note there are TWO versions of Sim-U-Kraft, the 'classic' version for Minecraft 1.6.4 and "Re-loaded" for MC 1.7+ Edit

Bugs in the 'classic' version will never be fixed, as it is no longer being developed.

This section is devoted to the most asked questions/concerns received via Facebook/youTube etc. Please check here for an answer to a question or problem you have before asking.

KNOWN BUGS: Switching between Minecraft worlds, you need to close Minecraft and go back in, otherwise the two worlds mix up, Sim-U-Kraft isn't un-loading the old world data, so instead blends both worlds.

Placing a farming box or mining box down without any markers can sometimes cause it to crash, usually when right-clicking the box, remove the box, place down 3 markers in the correct order and position, then place the farming box or mining box, see video tutorials on how to do this, it's simple once you know how.


Q: Can I include Sim-U-Kraft in my Mod pack? A: Yes, certainly. I know some mod authors don't like this, but I have no problems with you doing this. All I ask is that you do not change the name of the mod or re-mod/back-engineer it. You are of course free to change the forge config file to suit your modpack and provide your own buildings instead of the ones that come with it if you wish. Finally, if you could mention the name of the mod and that it is made by Scott 'Satscape' Hather and a link back to the Satscape website someone on your website or forum post I'd be grateful.

Q: My Builder is building a small 1x1x3 tower instead of the house I chose. The blocks appear and then disappear as soon as he moves on to the next. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. OR Q: I built and copied a new type of Apartment block, but the only thing that got built was two dirt blocks (which were nowhere in the copy blocks). I checked out the .txt file. It's very small and mostly A/Air. I've tried to copy/paste the same building twice, with the same result. A: When you right-click on the Constructor box to build, the mod works out where you want the building to appear based on where you're standing. In other words, it take a “picture” of what you “see” and starts building there. Always make sure you’re standing directly behind the box. If you're slightly diagonal to it, it gets confused at the “picture” it sees and does not know what to do. Please see the References section for video tutorials building. Please see this video for a demonstration and solution to this issue. 

Q: My Population seems limited to 100, how do I change that? A: The population is limited to 100 so that all PCs can cope, the more folks there are, the more chance of lag, however, if you have a fast PC and 100 folks are not slowing the game down for you, you can increase this limit: Go into your ./minecraft/config/ folder and open "SatscapeSimukraft.cfg" using Windows notepad, scroll down to the line that says: I:PopulationLimit=100 and simply change that number to a higher one I:PopulationLimit=1000 save the file and start up minecraft again, new folks will wander into town, so long as you build houses for them!  

Q: I have no buildings when I go to select which building a builder should construct, what's wrong?

A: When you install the mod, it comes with a zip file for your mods folder just like all other mods, but it also comes with a folder called "simukraft" that you need copy to your mods folder too, it contains all the buildings (200+)

Q: When I come out of one of my Minecraft worlds and into another, the two worlds mix up, so the the same folks and same money are in each world, how do I fix that?

A: This is a known bug, yet to be fixed, for now the only workaround is to completely close Minecraft and re-open it and then load your other world, rather than just switching over inside Minecraft's main menu.

Q: I've installed the Mod, but doesn't start, Modloader says "block 0 is already occupied", what's that mean?

A: Update to version 0.9.0 or higher.

Q: How do I get more Sim-U-Credits?

A: Build houses (Residential), every morning you will receive rent from each of the houses, the bigger the house, the more rent. You can also build a "Builder Merchant" and sell him your surplus blocks to receive credits.

Q: How do I feed my folks, they're staving!?

A: Quickest way is to throw food at them, if they're hungry, they'll pick it up and eat, another quick way is to build a Fishing Dock (see building constructor) the dock is in the "Industrial" section, once built, hire a fisherman (or woman) and they will feed up to 5 folks per day. As your population grows, pig, Cattle or chicken farms will be needed and then build a Butchers shop (Commercial), the butcher will collect the meat from the farm each morning and sell it to the folks, so long as there is enough meat for everyone, each folk will go to "Well Fed" around about sunset. Other (slower) ways include: building a wheat farm and bakery to sell them bread, or Melon, pumpkin, potato or carrot farm and a Grocery store.

Q: What Block IDs does Sim-U-Kraft use?

A: You can change the block IDs to stop them clashing with other mods, you'll find the config file in the .minecraft/config/ folder, but the default ones used are: 3210 to 3216 (inclusive) (Forge Block ID range from 0 to 4096)

Q: I do not hear the woman say “Welcome to Sim-U-Kraft” when I start a map. OR Q: I do not see the words in the upper-left corner of my screen.

A: The mod is not installed properly. Navigate to your “.minecraft” folder as described in the “Installing The Mod” section. Go into the “mods” folder. In there, you should see a folder called “Simukraft” and a .zip file named “”. If you do not see them, please reinstall the mod by following the directions in the “Installing The Mod” section. The most common mistake is to put the "" into the mods folder. You need to unzip the "unzip me" file.

Q: How do I build the higher stories to the apartments?

A: It's a bit tricky doing apartment blocks. The two tricks to keep in mind is to make sure the Constructor is placed directly above the first-but at the starting level of the next story. It helps to put some dirt blocks to help place the constructor box and chest (like scaffolding). The second trick is to make sure you are facing the exact same location as you did for the previous story. If you do this, everything should line up fine.

Q: I hired a worker and he started building the house, but he built over and replaced the chest. What happened?

A: If you put the chest to the left or right of the constructor box, this should not happen. For an example, check out the video tutorials on Building in the References section. It’s all about where you stand when you select a building to build. 

Q: Will this mod work in multi-player?

A: It might work partly on 'share to LAN' but crashes the server when trying it on a dedicated server. It *may* be made Multiplayer in future. 

Q: Why do torches and ladders fall off or steps and signs place wrong when building?

A: Items like doors, beds, steps, signs, ladders, and torches are considered “directional”. This means that it is important which direction you are facing when placing them. The image “captured” by the Sim-U-Markers when copying the building is the same that is used to rebuild that building. Unfortunately, if you capture a building that is North to South and then you re-build it East to West, that's when these directional items get placed wrong. This is a Minecraft game play glitch. Added to 0.10.x is an option to "Rotate stairs", you need to click it 1, 2 or 3 times depending on it's current orientation.

Q: I have other mods that add new blocks and ores to the game. Will the Miner mine these non-vanilla items, or will they just leave them there?

A: They will mine any type of block- vanilla or mod-based- until they reach bedrock, at which point they retire. If you have the three-way toggle (in the Mining box GUI) set to "discard dirt and stone", all mod-based ores will be kept and placed into the chest. This mod seems to play well with other mods. Note, however that the miners may mine the block, rather than the item dropped by the block, so you may have to re-mine the block by placing it on the ground and pick-axing it.

Q: How does rent work? It is based on per house or per person?

A: Rent is based on the building cost. The rent for a building is HALF the credits it costed to build that building per day. If a house cost 6.50 credits to build, then the rent for that house would be 3.25 credits per day. This is handy for the larger houses and castles.

Q: A creeper blew up part of my house! How to I fix it?

A: Place the constructor box down where you placed it originally, and rebuild it, you will only be charged for the missing/damaged blocks.

Q: My credits are really low. Is there a way that I can edit how many credits I have?

A: You can cheat some money in if you wish, have a look for this file .minecraft/saves/you-world-name/simukraft/settings.sk2 open it with Windows Notepad, it should be fairly obvious what you need to change :-) 

Q: I just made a nice small house. But none of my Sim-U-Folks will move in it. How do I get a Sim-U-Folk to live in it? Can I just use TMI to place a Control Panel in it? Will that work?

A: Use caution when placing a Control Panel with TMI, or other mods. This action could cause glitches or problems in game play. It is safest to copy your home with the Sim-U-Markers, and then exit Minecraft. Navigate to your “.minecraft” folder by following the directions in the “Installing The Mod” section. Inside the “mods” folder, you will see a folder called “Simukraft”. In there, another folder called “buildings” contains all the building “plans”. Locate the building you just made and copied and open the .txt file. From here, you can use the special character “$” to place a control panel in your home. Please see the References section for a link to a video tutorial. Once you edit the file, save and close. You can restart Minecraft and have a Sim-U-Folk build your home with a Control Panel. 

Q: I have looked everywhere. Where can I find the recipe to craft the Control Panel?

A: There is no recipe for the Control Panel. I did not make the Control Panel craftable as this block was not intended to be used by players. If you wish to place one in a building, please see the References section for a link to a video tutorial showing how to add this block to your building.

Q: My Sim-U-Folk just built a home and none of them are moving in it. The house has a Control Panel. But when I right-click on it, it tells me the building type is “other”. What does this mean?

A: The building type of any building is based on what folder the “plan” is in. Just go into the “Simukraft” folder in the .minecraft > mods folder and move the “.txt” file of your house to “residential”. This will tell the mod that the plan is now a livable home.