OK, now you have all these farms, mines, and stores. They are filling up their chests quickly. You also have a couple Sim-U-Folks building. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one Sim-U-Folk to pick up all these supplies and take them to the building sites or maybe just a storage building? Well, now there is! The Courier works at the squeaky clean Depot Building. Found in the Industrial section of the Constructor, the Depot is the answer to your storage problems! You can hire a Courier and have them pick up items from anywhere and take them to other locations- or even to the Depot for storage!

Once you hire a Courier, there are some steps to do in order to have them pick up and drop off supplies. The first step is to create “Points”. These points can be either a drop off point or a pick up point. And, you create these points by reusing just one Sim-U-Marker . There is no need to make more than the three you use to make farms, mines or copy your buildings.

Build the Depot, then right-click on the Control Panel in the floor to hire a Courier. Remember, you can have more than one Courier. Then, the steps you take to create and assign Points are as follows:

To Create Points:

1) Go to the chest(s) you wish to be a drop-off/pick-up Point.

2) Place a Sim-U-Marker within 5 blocks of the chest(s) in the area.

3) Right-click on the Marker.

4) Type a name for the location in the text block.

5) Click the “Set new Courier pickup/drop point” button.

6) You will get a red message at the bottom when it is created.

7) Click the “Done” button.

To Assign Points:

1) Go to the Depot and right-click on the Control Panel.

2) Choose the button “Tasks” beside the Courier you wish to use.

3) To add a task, click “Add” in the bottom-left corner.

4) Choose a Pick-Up Point.

5) Then choose a Drop-off Point.

6) To add more tasks, repeat steps 3 – 5.

7) When finished, click “Done” in the top-left corner until you are back to the game.

Sim-U-Kraft Tutorial 8 - Depots and Couriers

Sim-U-Kraft Tutorial 8 - Depots and Couriers

You can always delete tasks from the “Tasks” screen. Also, you can fire a Courier from the Depot Control Panel- or fire ANY employee from the “Show Employees” button from ANY Control Panel.

These points that you create using a single Sim-U-Marker are also used as points that you can beam yourself to.