In order to use the wheat from the Farm to bake bread to feed your hungry Sim-U-Folk, you need to hire a Baker. To do this, you’ll first need to hire Sim-U-Folk to build a bakery. You’ll find that under the ‘commercial’ group of buildings in the Constructor . To build the Bakery, you’ll need cobblestone, wood and glass in the builder’s chest. Unlike houses, the control panel for the bakery is inside. Right-clicking on that will allow you to hire a baker. First thing each morning, the Baker will visit each farm you have and collect the wheat. This means you need at least one wheat farm in order for a bakery to work. They’ll bring the wheat back to the bakery and start making bread out of it (3 wheat makes 1 bread).

They’ll spend the rest of the day selling bread to the Sim-U-Folks. You can help yourself to the bread too, but be warned: if the Bakery runs out of bread, your Sim-U-Folks will get hungry and could die of starvation (which is bad for their health).

You can go several game days before you need to build a bakery, but as you get more and more Sim-U-Folks living in your town, they’ll need more bread to eat. So you will need to add more farms to cope with the demand.